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Based in Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York, we're a global builder community for Web3 founders. Out of our 8,000+ members, 50 became venture backed, with many more launching soon!

Moonshot is now event branch of HackQuest. Learn Web3 programming on our main site.

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About Us

Moonshot Commons started in 2021 when a group of technologists got together in a basement, and decided to build. In three days, "Moonshot" projects -- from Brain Computer Interfaces to rocket engines -- were created, while a vibrant community of engineers was formed.

Today, Moonshot Commons has become a global builder community for Gen-Z engineers. With over 8,000 members, more than 50 founders saw their ideas went from 0 to venture backed, with many more launching soon.

Our belief remains the same. We support technical founders from day 0 because we believe the next SpaceX and Apple will: belong to Gen-Z's, be engineering-driven, misunderstood at first, and global by default.

Backed by the Best

Moonshot Commons is supported by the best VCs


Jerry, StepN

Mafia Speaker

Jerry is the founder of StepN (Sequoia-backed), building a move2earn NFT Game-Fi project on mobile devices that aims to slow down global warming.

Potter, EthSign

Community Mentor

Potter is the founder of EthSign (Sequoia backed), building decentralized, versioned, and consensus-based electronic agreements signing application built on Web 3.0.

Jing Sun, IoTex

Mafia Speaker

Jing is the founder of IoTex (Draper Dragon backed), building a decentralized network powering the future of web3 and machine economy (MachineFi).

Jie Wu, Shimo Docs

Community Mentor

Jie is the founder of Shimo Docs (Hike Capital backed), building a cloud-based productivity suite that combines chat, documents, spreadsheets, and more in a simple interface.

Sunny, SegmentFault

Community Mentor

Sunny is the founder of SegmentFault (IDG backed), building a leading developer community, with more than 6M developer users. SegmentFault Team is also the largest hackathon organizer in China.

Our members are engineers and academics from...

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Fellowship brings together experts, leaders, investors, and advisors to connect, build, and exchange ideas around the future of the internet. Learn about insights and methodologies from industry practitioners and investors.

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With over 50 campus fellows, covering 30 universities in US, Singapore, and Europe, Moonshot founders gain access to our talent network. We will help you hire your first 10x engineer, growth hacker, designer and mroe.

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